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Telecom Engineer with a wide experience in the security market. I have been working in the marketing field in the last 15 years. Since september 2011 I´m working in a new challenging project as portfolio director within Gunnebo group. This new role let me to develop new innovative services through the group. During this time I have implemented a service development methodolgy from the market analysis to the service released in the market.
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Empresa Gunnebo
Adreça Josep Pla, 2, B2, 12
Població Barcelona
CP 08019
Teléfon 933162600
Correu electrònic Hugo.balaguer@gunnebo.com
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13 des. 2023 - UOC Rural Tech

21 des. 2023 - Assemblea General Extraordinària

30 gen. 2024 - Saló Integrated Systems Europe

26 febr. 2024 - MWC Barcelona

09 abr. 2024 - Advanced Factories

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