MASTEAM Talk - Dr Andreas J. Kassler - SDN and NFV - towards more flexible, programmable, agile, and robust future network design

The Master's degree in Applied Telecommunications and Engineering Management (MASTEAM)(obriu en una finestra nova) organizes a weekly series of activities (talks, technical visits, discussion pannels) that complement the academic activities with real-world experiences from companies, research centres and institutions in the main topics of the master: Internet of Things. Smart Cities, 5G mobile communications, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Radio (SDR), cloud computing, augmented reality and audiovisual services, among others.

This week's activity will be a talk from Dr Andreas J. Kassler

May 24th, 17:30h (duration 1h), Building C4, Classroom 021B, EETAC, Campus Castelldefels UPC. How to arrive(obriu en una finestra nova).

Title:  SDN and NFV - towards more flexible, programmable, agile, and robust future network design

Abstract: Software Defined Networking (SDN) together with Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) radically changes the way how networks will be designed, managed and operated. SDN together with NFV introduces much more flexibility into modern network architectures and protocols, because they allow a new degree of network programmability both at the control as well as the data plane. This enables the automation of many complex network management tasks, with the goals to reduce complexity, while increasing agility and robustness at the same time. In this talk, we highlight some of our research results in the area of SDN and NFV. First, we introduce CloudMAC, which processes WiFi MAC layer frames as an NFV service in commodity data centers and uses SDN for flexible traffic forwarding to solve the mobility problem in enterprise WLANs. Second, we demonstrate how SDN can be used to develop more resilient network protocols. Finally, we show how to analyze the cost of robustness in order to cope with uncertain resource demands when trying to optimally place network functions in an NFV infrastructure.

Bio: Andreas J. Kassler is currently Full Professor of Computer Science at Karlstads Universitet(obriu en una finestra nova), Karlstad, Sweden, which he joined in 2005. From 2003 to 2004, Dr. Andreas J. Kassler was Assistant Professor at the School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is co-chairing the Distributed Systems and Communication group (DISCO) and maintains an active research program in the fields of networking and cloud computing with main research focus on Wireless (Meshed) Networks, Software Defined Networking, Future Internet, Datacenter Networking and, Quality of Service.
Dr. Andreas J. Kassler received the Docent title (Habilitation) in Computer Science from Karlstads Universitet in 2007 and the Ph.D. degre in Computer Science from Universität Ulm, Germany, in 2002. He received the M. Sc. degree in Mathematics/Computer Science in 1995 from Universität Augsburg, Germany.

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